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 Thies & Associates knows the values of real estate in California

It doesn't matter what type of structure is in question. Our ongoing analysis of real estate trends and formal training as certified appraisers make us qualified to provide income property valuations in California for clients ranging from national lenders to local developers.


Thies & Associates is ready to perform appraisals on commercial property such as:
 Contact Thies & Associates for your San Diego appraisal needs.

• Shopping centers, malls and retail business complexes

• Industrial complexes, light manufacturing and warehouses

• Conference and convention centers

 Contact Thies & Associates for your San Diego appraisal needs.

• Multi-family apartment buildings, co-ops, and condominiums

• Hospitality and hotel facilities

• Bed and breakfast

The highest and best use of the property will be ascertained, regardless of local zoning or the property type. We will assess the value using the actual or projected cash flow from the property's rent roll and financial statements, using both cap rates for capitalizing year-one net operating income (NOI) and discounted cash flow (DCF) of multiple future income streams.

On every assignment, we'll perform a thorough analysis reported as either a narrative document or on a form, depending on the scope of work. Call us today. We guarantee you'll see the difference, too.